Boot up scan and Web protection

Why not have Boot up scan. Comodo will quarentin the virus who has been at the start up.

and the Web protection (my think of name: Comodo web shield)

i know that people will say “We already have a DNS service”, but the service dosen’t block good.

look att Kaspersky, Avast, G-Data. they have a good web protection. with a web protection it whould do CIS a exelent product.

i hope that CIS will hav a web protection in the futre

Sorry for bad english

Don’t get your hopes up high about a web shield though.

It is Comodo’s stance that having various shields is not necessary because a virus will be seen when it is going to be loaded in memory or gets written to disk. Not having various shields help CIS to stay a responsive program.

the boot scan could be something but since CIS gives FP it may do more harm than good

Ok then we will skip the web protection. but the boot up scan, that need to be in CIS.

why is this a need in cis? It has insuffiecent cleaning abilities and detection isn’t
very great. Comodo is more focused on prevention with cis. Any new kind of scanning should be added to cce which is designed for cleaning unlike cis

It’s possible (likely?) that I don’t know exactly what you mean by “boot up scan” but…when I turn-on my computer, I want to USE it! Immediately! I turned it on because I want to use it!

I dropped ZoneAlarm after one-too-many boots where I had to wait for ZA’s friggin’ scanning to stop!!! :-TD

I refer in this case to hard drive (file) scanning, and not memory. ZA’s would hold my PC hostage for what seemed an interminable time. :frowning:

From Time Scanning in the online help notes:

Scan memory on start - When this check box is selected, the Antivirus scans the system memory during system start-up.

Is that what you are looking for?