Boot Up problems with V3

Hi guys

I am trying to put V3 on my PC but it doesnt seem to work

The main potentially conflicting software I have is :

AVG 8.0 free
Spyware Doctor Free

I have XP SP2, wanting to install Comodo V3, on Broad-band, Admin level on XP.

I haven’t removed anything from my pc before/after installation, although I have removed anti-spyware stuff a fair bit in the past - Spyware Terminator, Super Anti Spyware just to name 2.

Basically my PC remains at boot up permanently when V3 is installed - the XP boot up screen with the blue bar going across for ever and ever.

Any suggestions?

When reinstalling V3, be sure to shut down all unnecessary processes in Task Manager, in addition to your anti-vrus, anti-spyware and Internet connection.

In most instances, simply shutting down your anti-virus application and your Internet connection is sufficient. However, in cases where you receive repeated episodes of endless looping at bootup, it may indicate conflicts between CFP, winlogon.exe and other installed components.

If you’ve not done so, boot into Safe Mode, then remove CFP following the steps in the sticky “Instructions” thread. Then download a fresh copy of V3 and install it.

I’m pretty sure AVG8 contains a Firewall which is probably where your problem lies.

You cannot successfully run two firewalls at the same time. :frowning:

Ditch AVG8 and run Avast Anti-virus (free). That works without conflicts with all Comodo products. :slight_smile:


AVG Free 8.0 contains no firewall. A paid variant of that product does, however. Still, as MikeG suggests, it might be worth trying Avast if you continue to experience installation problems and/or looping issues at bootup.

Avast is considered to be a much better AV than AVG and a lot less hassle according to most technical forums.
Been using it for ages and no problems at all. It can take about 10 seconds to do it’s auto-update about once a day, and this can use 100% CPU for those ten seconds on some machines, but that’s a small price to pay for an excellent free AV. :slight_smile: I can live with that. :wink:


I think your conflicts have to do with spyware doctor! spyware dotor goes beyond AVG 8.0 Free if we talk about system integration… Maybe you should uninstall spyware doctor and let AVG 8.0 FREE running and see if the problem still persists…

I have had the same problem back in February, see;msg136116#msg136116

I’ve had to revert back to version and that works ok.
I’m hesitant to try installing a later version again until some concrete solution comes up, as when I was attempting to install previously I lost some files on my pc.
I uninstalled AVG free and installed Avast but I still got the looping problem at boot up until I reverted to this earlier version.
(BTW I don’t have Spywaredoctor or any other firewall running)

There must be some other common denominator that you and the OP have as I’ve been running Avast and several other products and updated to every new version of CFP with no problems.


You should also unplug any of your extern hardware devices connected via usb, sometimes this gives boot-up problems too. unplug any of your unecessary usb hardware devices and see if the problem still persist…

Yes, wish I could find out what it is. Thing is, previous versions worked okay with exactly the same programs that I have on my pc now, so maybe it’s something that has changed in the newer versions of Comodo that is not compatible with whatever it is on some systems.

Hi Triple x, I only have a printer plugged into a USB port and I shouldn’t think that would have to be unplugged to enable boot up.

Yes you are right! In general this should not be a problem at all.

Well, I just tried installing the latest version ( hoping that it would now work.
(first I uninstalled the current version, rebooted, cleaned reg)
Same problem. On boot up computer goes into a system file check “disk needs checking for consistency” does the check and then just keeps looping at bootup/system check. (:AGY)
I booted in safe mode removed Comodo and reinstalled version and everything runs ok again.
Something has been altered in later versions of Comodo that is not compatible. I do not have any unusual programs running.
Windows XP pro sp2 with its firewall disabled.
SpywareBlaster (which doesn’t run in the background anyway)
A real mystery.
BTW am I at any great security disadvantage by having to stick with this earlier version of Comodo?

Maybe the firewall is not uninstalled correctly, many people having problems with that… Maybe it is sensible to check this out:

Geo., download and run that batch file at the end of my “Instructions” post referenced in the post above by triple x. The batch file is the quickest way to remove the remnant files and registry entries left behind by an incomplete or aborted attempt to remove CFP.

Ideally, it’s best to have the latest version of CFP installed. However, any version of CFP that will work on your system is better than the Windows Firewall, and it will likely provide better protection than many competing firewall products.

Thanks for the replies Triple x and USSS - I’ll d/load that batch file and give it a go at a later date. Bit wary at the moment and don’t feel like attempting an uninstall/reinstall again while I at least have that earlier version running ok. (the very first time I uninstalled/installed a later version the pc looped then froze and I ended up losing some programs that thankfully I was able to replace)

Yes I understand I would be carefull too. Take your time and when you feel ready you can run the batchfile. And you can post if your problem is solved.

anyways… Have a NICE day!!

Well, just uninstalled with Add/Remove again, rebooted, ran that batch file, (it didn’t appear to find any reg entries) also ran RegSeeker, rebooted, disabled my AV and attempted another install of the latest version.
Exactly the same problems as before.
I’ve uninstalled it and gone back to version which installs ok.
Looks like I’m locked into the older version. Hope that doesn’t eventually comprise security. (:SAD)

PS Just took a system scan of my pc with Belarc Advisor. Amongst many other things it lists the software you have installed on your pc.
It indicated that I had THREE versions of Comodo on my pc…

COMODO Firewall Pro Version *
COMODO Firewall Pro Version *
Comodo Firewall Version *

Note that not one of these is version the version I have installed and running.
Maybe there is a clue somewhere here.
edit: Just discovered that these are actually ‘file versions’ of files in the Comodo folder not program versions.


I don’t think all of the registry entries and comodo configuration files are deleted from your pc… Including files and entries from other versions of the Comodo firewall…

If you have some kind of registry editor and you are a bit handy with the registry…(be carefull! the registry is the central database of the operating system…it is like a hart…) you can follow the sticky for removal and delete everything manually…

You can also try to do a system restore…but go back a bit further than usually… Go back for example 1-2 months when the pc is running fine…(note you must have sufficient restore points to achieve this…) and see if you can install the firewall nicely…

But you can also wait until the comodo security suite is out…I think this suite has a kind of different architecture and this might be working fine on your pc…

anyways, Have a nice day!


If v.277 is working reasonably well on your system, I would leave well enough alone for now.

Yes, you can prpbably find a few more remnant registry entries that you don’t need. However, unless you know with certainty that those entries are causing problems, I’d leave them intact.

Something on your system – and it’s anybody’s guess as to what it might be – is precluding an update to the latest version of CFP. Eventually, a future version will probably resolve your unknown issue.

Thanks again for the replies/advice.
I’ll leave on as it’s working with no problems and try my luck again when the program has moved on a bit more.