Boot-time scanner for CIS

I think It would be really cool if CIS offered a Boot-time scanner to remove really nasty malware like avast! does. They could do this either by posting it on the website as an addon, or simply adding it to a new version. Boot-time seems really effective and I think it would be really helpful for malware that CIS just can’t remove after the computer is fully booted.

Yep, I agree. :wink:

That would be great addition. ;D

I think a better idea would be a bootable Cd based on linux. Even a boot time scanner can be fooled but a bootable cd means nothing can escape.

I like that idea even better than I can use the cd to clean up customer calls. :-TU

our guys are working on a linux version that can be used for many products we have, including AV.


well I hope that the AV’s cleaning abilities improve, as of right now in my opinion the av is very good at keeping a computer clean but not cleaning one and if you want to build a bootable comodo AV scanner that means that cleaning will have to be very very good.

the best way to clean is to have a geek clean the computer tbh…
there is no single AV that can clean better than a Geek with Mission :slight_smile:

this is why we offer, and you can get it for free for 30 days etc… So our GeekBuddies clean up, setup CIS then you are good to go!


But I still think it is good to have boot-time scanner then don’t.

And better cleaning capabilities.
Dr. Web, Kaspersky, BitDefender have fame of doing good cleaning job.

Not to mention Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware.