Boot time protection? [resolved]

Does Comodo firewall have boot time protection feature? I know it’s not likely that a hacker could do anything during the time between activation of network connections and the moment when the service is started, but there is a little change anyway!

If the answer is no (why not, by the way), could it be sensible to turn the win xp sp2 firewall on, because it has the feature in question?
I know that normally you shouldn’t have two firewalls on at the same time.

Hi there, Buggy (:WAV).

Yes, it does. Against inbound connection. This is before Windows is completely loaded thanks to the driver being loaded first. If you would please go to Security > Advanced > Advanced Attack Detection and Prevention > Configure … > Miscellaneous > There’s even an option for outbound protection, but this might slow boot-time a bit.

Hi Soya!

Thanks for a quick reply!

Sure, no probs ;D