Boot problem!

ScanSoft OmniPage is software that is part of Canon MP all-in-one printers (I think). Although the auto (to email) scanning function is working fine, I’m occasionally nagged about inserting the CD to install the software. Apparently the uninstall of v2.4 did something. If it continues I’ll mess with the updates and drivers at Canon, although I have all of the latest. UPDATE: I re-installed all drivers and software that is available from Canon and did an XP repair, through add/remove, of this software and which was successful, but I continue to be nagged at boot to install and then says I need the CD (which I’m reasonably sure does not exist). Any help or theories appreciated!

MAYBE Defence+ is blocking some of the components, that Cannon uses, so that this promt appears.

Try to disable Defence+ and then reboot. Try to make a corresponding rule if what I said is right. :wink: