Boot Manager Question


I’ve noticed that when you terminate apps (using system optimizer), some apps automatically reload back into memory shortly after. As my device has limited memory, I am constantly terminating (although I always thought that Android should do this automatically).

My question is… will removing (unchecking) an app from Boot Manager stop this occuring or does this only affect apps on bootup? (i.e when the phone is rebooted).


As far as I know, that’s specific for booting only. A lot of apps will re awaken when data is activated. For example Play Store will reload if background data is enabled and your 3g or wifi is turned on. I suggest either limiting when your 3g etc is on our disable background data.


Where do I check for background data? (on 4.2.2). I’ll check my settings per app although I only use free wifi for access (using AFWall+ to disable 2G/3G access)


Apps will restart on various triggers.
There are managers that will allow you to disable a trigger, and if the app is something you use regular and not system, try running Greenify.