Boot logging WD Elements external drive

Want to start by saying Comodo Cleaning Essentials is awesome!
Now here is my question –
I’ve got a Western Digital Elements 2 TB external drive, model WDBAAU0020HBK.

I ran Comodo Cleaning Essentials on it.
For the first time, I told CCE to also look at the memory and boot sectors which is not the default setting.

It reported threats listed as “Rootkit.HiddenFile” and “Rootkit.HiddenDir.”

The record reports





.as well a list of two dozen other files, similar to




My question is: Do these files normally appear on WD Elements drives in the boot sector, and is this merely a false flag or do I have some serious trouble here?

I found this a concern, because I also have one other external Elements drives hooked up and a MyBook Home drive hooked up, but the software didn’t flag anything on them.

At any rate, I told Comodo Cleaning Essentials to ignore these Boot files… at least for now.

Are these “Boot” files normal on my Elements drive, or is something troublesome going on here?

Thanks for any input.

Those are normal files and folders for a partition that a system boots from. I am not sure why they would show up on external hard drive. According to the WD website it is “Preformatted for PCs”.

It is not something I would be worried about but it has me curious though why they are there.