Boot.ini name was modified

Hello, I am very pleased with comodo and have been using it for quite a while now. I noticed today that my boot.ini in the root directory is now called boot.ini.comodofirewall. My only concern would be that if I uninstall comodo for some reason, will this name cause a problem in my boot sequence?

Thanks in Advance

Hello averyw

I have boot.ini.comodofirewall as well as the regular boot .ini in my root directory. They are both identical. I assume that if CFP was ever uninstalled that it would take out the comodo one and the original one would take over again.


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I think I remember someone from Comodo in another thread on the forum saying that this was a backup of boot.ini made by Comodo in case of a problem with either the install of the firewall or in case the original just got corrupted. Don’t remember which it was though.


You’re right, Jasper (the 2nd one lol)

Thanks Soya. If it is on here Soya can find it. I knew I had seen it here just couldn’t remember the exact reason.


The Advanced Search didn’t work for me. I had to use the regular search while in the CFP Help board.

Thanks Guys for the quick response. This forum is great.