Boom times for hi-tech criminals

Starting a career as a cyber criminal got much easier in 2007.

I love to get a dose of internet-paranoia from neutral sources like McAfee…
If they keep up the fear-mongering, maybe one day it will work and people
will realize that all you need to get a safe computer is to stop using windows.

Yes, lets assume everything they say is made up.

No,it’s true that criminals do try to steal your e-money and stuff, they just ■■■■ it way out of proportions and they have an obvious economic interest in not only scaring people but also in not fixing the root of the problem : the deliberately ■■■■■■ security-design of all m$-OS’s
and the TCP/IP protocols .

List of Linux worms and “viruses”


* Adm
* Adore
* Cheese
* Devnull
* Kork
* Lapper
* Linux/Lion (also known as Ramen)
* Mighty
* Slapper

* Alaeada
* Binom
* Bliss
* Brundle
* Diesel
* Kagob
* MetaPHOR (also known as Simile)
* OSF.8759
* RST [1]
* Staog
* Vit
* Winter
* Winux (also known as Lindose and PEElf)
* ZipWorm

You need a data-base to keep track of the 10.000’s of windows-nasties … people make a living doing so, what motivates them to actually fix the problem ? How many years have m$ babbled
about “security” yet continued to let their users surf the internet from the admin-account ?