Ok hope i get this right.
So was going to do a clean install of windows7 so exported all bookmarks did the os clean install imported them back in and now i have to go down through 5 folder sections to get to my bookmarks all bookmarks on the bookmarks bar are in a folder also very weird.Is there any way to get them all back where they should be hope that makes sense,

Is this in regards to Comodo Dragon?

Yes in Comodo Dragon

I would say it is Dragon. Upon upgrading Dragon myself I lost all bookmarks (wiped them out instead of keeping/importing them).
My backup is on an external drive currently not connected to a computer.

OK, I’ve moved the post to a more relevant forum then.


Bookmarks imported from an external location are always placed in a separate folder to keep them from getting mixed up with other bookmarks which are already saved in the browser.

You can rearrange your bookmarks in the “Bookmark manager” (Dragon menu>Bookmarks>Bookmark manager).

Thank you.

my original bookmarks were stored on the boot drive.
my backup is an external drive.

Sorry for not being more specific, my first post was meant for ShippD.

Can you give more details regarding your problem? The update on which the bookmarks disappeared (installed Comodo Dragon version, version to which it updated). The update method (automatic update, manual update from inside the browser, manual uninstall then install of the updated version).

Thank you.

Update to the most recent release. Auto update always fails for me even after DLing. and stopping Dragon when it asks.
I have to DL the update, start the update install, stop Dragon at that first screen before an update will complete.
I believe the bookmarks are lost somewhere around either making Dragon the default browser (even though it already is), or when it requests to import current bookmarks.
Previous it always kept my bookmarks. I was surprised to discover them all removed.

I couldn’t get the issue to reproduce. Perhaps you could provide some more details:

  • Very important - Is there a “User Data” folder in the Comodo Dragon install location?
  • Operating system.
  • Dragon version installed before the update (portable or non-portable).
  • Install location of Comodo Dragon.
  • Extensions you had installed at the time.
  • Security and system cleaning software you have installed.
  • Other information lost (saved passwords, browsing history).

Regarding the automatic update failure.
Please add the exact steps you took when you tried the update functionality. Also attach all the “dragon_updater.exe” logs, old and new, found at %windir%\Temp\ComodoLogsFolder.

Thank you.

The OS is Windows Vista x64.
Dragon has always been kept up to date.
I believe there is a user dat folder.
Install to location is the default.
Extensions installed are pop-up blocker and Wikipedia. all others default.
Cleaning software is JV16 2010.
Security software is the latest (also) CIS.
Passwords were lost. I clear history regularly so cannot accurately answer that one.
The physical computer is one if the three my dad runs on his home network.
I keep the Vista x64 machine updated. He usually keeps his personal Win7 machine updated as he wishes.
Any logs found will have to be uploaded to you next time I am over there.

As noted most of my current online time is done via my Samsung Galaxy s II. Gingerbread 2.3.6. Darknight 2.5.2 kernel and ICS 4 Boot animation.


Thank you for the information.

Please make sure to check this when you have a chance. If the folder is there it means the version you had installed before updating was a portable installation (only portable keeps the “User Data” folder in its install location). When you updated Dragon it installed the non-portable version, since portable installations are not detected by the setup. The data is still there, but the non-portable version does not look for it in the install folder.


I will indeed check this.

Well they did not disapear it just takes going through 5 or 6 folder drop downs to get to them I hope that makes sense…I can post a screenshot if i need to…
Thanks for the help