Bookmarks organization

I have always found first Firefox and then Chrome bookmarks more fiddly to organize than IE (which I have stopped using). Despite digging around in the CD Help files I can’t figure out how to sort folders / the contents of folders by name, which would make navigation much easier. Can one do this and if so what is the secret?

Some success should be possible by opening Bookmarks Manager. Try C D main menu, choose Bookmarks, let arrow open the contained menu items, and choose Show Bookmarks Bar. You may accomplish other tasks by right clicking the bookmarks bar near top of browser. You can manage folders through Bookmarks Manager.

I don’t have CD on this PC as I write but, going from recollection of attempts on the other one, I got into Bookmarks Manager several times, using the alternatives, but once there could not see any option (not even grayed out) to “sort by name” as in the other browsers. Either it is very well hidden, or I am very dim, or it has somehow not been included. It is possible to check??

Hi Telegraph_Sam,
This is possible through an extension only in Dragon.
There maybe other similar extensions, but I have added a link to one that might fit your requirements.

Thanks, if it does “what it says on the tin” it should do the job exactly. I get the impression that in this and many other respects Chrome and CD are identical?

Hi Telegraph_Sam,
I forgot (Sorry) one already inbuilt function that would/might help without the extension.
Within the Dragon bookmarks manager, organize, reorder by title.

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I can see (now) that this exists in Chrome, but I could have sworn that it wasn’t there last night in CD. Will check this evening. From the blurb and comments that accompanied the plug-in that you sent I got the impression that there were some deficiencies in the original program which the plug-in had corrected (otherwise there would be little point in installing it!)

The screenshot is of CD, the extension would add extra customization I guess.

That is much more to the point than my post.

You will find many menu items dimmed and not functional UNLESS you highlight the set of websites which you want to reorder; then the “Reorder by title” item becomes available.

Hi, yes I found that out last night, the hard way. Looks like you have to reorder each folder individually, pity there’s not an option to sort them all out at one go, for them that have multiple folders. May be that’s what you get if you install the Supersorter plug-in extension, but unless someone has done this previously you never know what else you get - desireable and undesireable (toolbars and the like)