Bookmarks not showing in Omnibar (address bar)

I am almost totally a convert to CD over Firefox. Loved Firefox for many years but the recent changes have made browsing more a pain than helpful. CD has been great without the Google people inside my home. Thank you for that. But only one thing that bugs me is I loved searching or getting bookmarks after I started typing the name of the bookmark or address in the address bar. Example is if I had a bookmark for my bank or music, I could start typing the name or address and it shows up in a list under the address bar with my bookmarks and I could then click or arrow to it faster than looking through my bookmarks. Any way you guys can do that in CD as well?

Hmm, it does that here with all my bookmarks, are you using the latest version of CD? This may not be related but did you happen to import bookmarks from FF?

Yes, it is the latest (even had CD make sure and it says its the latest version). Yes, I did import them from FF. But I moved all the imported ones to the “main” bookmark area. All it will do once I start to type is Google search what I am typing and not bring up any bookmarks. Just internet search and that is before I hit enter on the list just below the address bar.

Hi Davor7,
Dragon suggests from history, related searches and sites, bookmarks etc.

If you would like to search bookmarks only, you might like to try the extension below.
After installed just type bm then spacebar for bookmark only search. Bookmark Search - Chrome Web Store

Kind regards.

Outstanding! That works like a champ! Thanks for the addon. Don’t mind typing the extra “bm” for it. Looks like I will be sticking with this great browser! ;D

Hi Davor7,
Glad that worked out for you.