Bookmark import fails due to script errors - UPDATE

UPDATE - It is, to me, astonishing that no one seems to be in a position to address the unresponsive script issue, which I also find manifests itself when I attempt to browse. I installed CID because it is the only browser that I can find that still offers one the “ask me every time” option regarding cookie handling. I notice too that others have recently posted regarding the unresponsiveness of CID and lamented the lack of community response.

In any event, I have uninstalled CID. Helluva way to do business folks.



I just installed CID and am attempting to import bookmark/favorite html files from Opera,Chrome, IE, and FF.

What I get is an unresponsive script message ID: browserPlacesviews.js100, .js.298 and .js.604. Click on stop and the script error reappears; ditto continue. Click on debug and CID freezes.

If I click on the option to add bookmarks from another browser and click on Chrome - nothing happens.



Try exporting all the knick-knacks to HTML or something. That should import from file just fine.

Thanx, WxMan.

I’ve got CID running on my DT (custom machine) but still no go on my LT (Lenovo); both running Win10 Pro x64. Given that I do most of my online stuff from the DT, the LT issue is not a significant loss.

I forgot to mention it in my original post, but I cannot import from an HTML file either. One of these days when I am bored to tears, I’ll poke around on the LT in search of a fix.

Thanx again for keeping an eye out.