Bombarded with alerts

Hi all. You guys were great in helping me configure V2 last year. Now I have a problem with V3 and I wish I’d stuck with V2. It’s almost impossible to install anything without loads of annoying alerts coming up every 2 seconds. I haven’t configured anything this time, I just got upgraded to V3 and it sorted itself out. Often I’m installing a program and constant defense alerts come up. Sometimes clicking on them continuously finally allows the program to continue installing, and sometimes choosing a different option like windows application, trusted application, isolated application is the only thing that allows it to continue. I haven’t got a clue half the time and I’m guessing.
Today is the first time I checked the icon on my taskbar. Defense + Security Level has a tick next to Clean PC mode, and Firewall Security Level Train has a tick next to Train with Safe Mode. Do I need to change one of these? I do like the high level of security, but can’t stand all these popups. I just want to be able to install programs without obsessive interference from the firewall. Thanks!

Be sure to read the sticky’s under important topics. Comodo 2.4 and 3.0 are completely different. When installing anything put Comodo into install mode first.

The ticks or checks are suppose to be there telling you that they are running. Also if your installing something and when you get a D+ pop up select “installer/updater”. Also read here.

Thanks Vettetech, switching to Installation Mode on my Comodo summary screen solved the pop up problem. :Beer

Your welcome. Anything else? Take time and read the help file under Miscellaneous. There is alot of info in there for you.

Is there some automated way of comodo changing to installation mode, like detecting when a program is being installed? Also, shall I keep my Defense + Security Level at Clean PC mode and Firewall Security Level Train at Train with Safe Mode, or are there better settings for me?

When I am done installing something if I don’t get the alert to switch back to previous mode then i do it myself. There is no automated way. What version of Comodo are you using? Cause the firewall has changed to "safe’ mode now. I use the firewall in safe mode and D+ in safe mode. Clean pc mode gives you pending file which I don’t care for.

I have version They both have ‘Training Mode’ and ‘Train with Safe Mode. No’ safe mode’ on it’s own.

v3.0.13.268 !!! :o

Your 10 released behind mate! Upgrade to the LATEST version @ Comodo’s website.