BOINC ( config?)

hi, i have a little problem with a BOINC project. the client extracts a application when a new worker starts under x:\BOINC\slots(0-6 for each core) and whenever i start boinc defense+ promts if i want to allow the blender.exe in each specific folder.

is there any way to allow these new created exe files?

You can try adding blender.exe to Trusted Files by using a wild card. Try *\blender.exe .

i always select “always trust this…” when comodo asks and tried to add the folder and the exe, neither of it works. every time i start BOINC i have to accept it all over again.

the blender.exe gets extracted every time a new worker starts, i think that is why wild card doesnt work…

Can you please post a screenshot of the Defense+ logs when you have these alerts so it shows the different paths used.

Thank you


here is a pic of the msg that i get and one of the paths of the alerts

there is a subfolder slot\0-5 for each core…

I would create a BOINC file group that consists of the folder the Blender.exe is created in and give that file group the Installer or Updater policy.

Go to Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → Protected Files and Folders.

Click the Groups button, then select Add → A New Group…

Name it BOINC or Blender or whatever, and click Apply.

Now scroll down the list and click where it says (add files here), then click Add → Select From → Browse, and navigate to the Blender folder, add it to the list and click Apply until you’re back to the Computer Security Policy window.

Now click on the Defense+ Rules tab and click Add → Select → File Groups and select your newly created group. Click Use a Predefined Policy and select Installer or Updater. Click Apply.

Now CIS should allow a new Blender.exe to be created without alerting you.

thanks a lot, that works perfectly:D