Boinc Manager.exe includes scientific projects. Is it a malware?exclude please

Boinc Manager is used by million users all over the world, please look into it !
This is a web page:

Hi ioannis21,

If you can find the FP file,you can submit through this link:Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year we can go to have a look at it.

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It is getting in sandbox and some files are not recognized. That is what i am saying.

I believe this might be the page you’re looking for:


first of all: thank you for CIS, it´s a great piece of software :slight_smile:

I am running BOINC as well and since version 4 of CIS each time the application within the BOINC manager (which doesn´t have any problems itself) changes to another application (by default each 60 minutes) the sandbox window pops up asking what to do. When I choose “don´t run this application in the sandbox again” the checkbox for “always trust this application” is greyed out.

Not sure what I can do, do I need to submit the FP file of the scientific application running within BOINC? As I have multiple scientific projects attached to BOINC and as these application versions could change quite often it could cause me a lot of work.


add the whole bionic folder to my safe files, in D+

I have version 6 now and it is still blocking files the D+ as partially limited all the time, it is really annoying. The job is being done but the pop up of the D+ should not be so often or it should be not at all.

If you have not already, please submit it for whitelisting.