BOINC client

First a little background info for those who do not know BOINC. (I will come to my problem after that, this is not an advertisement :slight_smile: )

BOINC is the new client (in fact a client manager) for projects like SETI@Home.
Projects to use your idle CPU-Time for calculations like climate prediction, a cure for cancer, extraterrestrial life, maths problems, you name it.

In the past it was a pain to manage more than one of those clients, so BOINC was developed to devide your CPU-Time between those you are registered with/working at according to your settings.

What BOINC does is:
Execute and terminate clients.
Download new versions of those clients (and workunits)
Send the results.

Now the question/problem:

The Network connections are no problem, simple firewall stuff. However, defense+ is complaining about BOINC creating new files and about the specific clients.

My first action was to add the complete BOINC folder to the trusted apps.
I wasn’t sure if that would keep track of future changes and no, it didn’t.

My next action was to set the BOINC client as “installer/updater” and so far this did the trick.

My real question is: Was that the correct action or “over the top”? I am not operating it in installation mode btw. CFP3 is running in uhmm “Train with Safe mode”.

While I am at it, is “Train with Safe mode” intended to be the standard mode or should I switch to a different one after some time?

Thanks in advance and great work on this nice new “toy”, I didn’t encounter any real problem so far (lucky me it seems lol) and I only need to get used to all the new features.

What you did will work and there is no downside to it. It is a bit of a broadside to add the whole folder, but unless some really intelligent malware discovers that the BOINC folder is trusted, there is no harm done. You could just add the exectuables, or you could just Protect the folder - although that might prevent .log or .tmp files from being written there, if there are any.

Yes, workunits and their finished calculations are stored there, too.
xml tables can be changed/created and whatnot.

So, if I do
Defense+ > Common Tasks > My Own Safe Files
And add a folder including subfolders (in this example the BOINC one), is that a one time only process or does it keep track of those folder for added files?

Can’t say that I’ve tried to track that, but it would seem that it should include anything in the folder, not only the contents at the time of creation.