Bogus online scanner + "usertrust with site seal?

Over at, is reporting that is if I understand it correctly, that “usertrust with site seal” is being used with a bogus online scanner “pcsupercharger” part of the winfixer family. Please say it is’nt so. A proud user of Comodo 2.4V

I am sure Comodo is not happy with it either :frowning:

Greetz, Red.

You see, thats where Code Signing certificate standards let us down :frowning:

Until I initiated the CAB Forum in 2005 May there were no standards for SSL certificates either, where anyone could obtain SSL certificates which were used for getting end users to trust a site. Now that has changed and we have a new standard in place called EV SSL standard and we all have a new standard for who can obtain these certificates. Until EV SSL Certificate there was NO standard about who could have obtained SSL Certificate. Now Comodo initiated a sub-committe within CAB Forum to set new standards for Code Signing to create more stringent validation rules for obtaining Code Signing Certificates. CABForum has been an amazing platform to help create new standards in validation for the industry so that end users could be protected! Next task of identifying new standards for Code Signing Certificates are well underway and we hope we can have a new standard pretty soon.

In the meanwhile, we are fighting perpetrators by reacting speedily and revoking their certificates. Soon with the new standards the bar will be raised for fraudsters!


Thanks Melih, That is good news to hear. I support you 100%.

There’s also this [more general] aspect of ‘trust’