BoComWall Pro FireWall - Beater 1a

Howzabout this !

Light as a feather consumes NO resources ! Includes a very unique copyrighted feature, amongst other useful " Looking " things.


S’long as they don’t hire you as the designer. xD

uhm… BOClean isnt a firewall… lol

Anybody spotted the " special " feature yet ?


Hmm, i dunno, yours is a bit dark lol.


Yeah i know that ! but this a sneak preview just for premium members. So if you can’t see it you know why.

Actually the team are working on new products as i type, which will include a BOClean/AV/FW suite, as well as stand alone Apps too.


Hey Spanner

I spotted the “Special” feature. (:NRD) That’d be nice all around.

Yep, spotted the special feature right off. There is another special feature or two like that I think would also be appropriate, but not appropriate to post in this forum. Gotta love it.

Umm… what does this have to do with Comodo? What about CPF 3?


Needs a great big Easy Button on the interface. (:TNG)