BoClkean Tray Bar Updating Fine BUT program files isn't nor program data

I Rarely new to BoClean and am using Vista HP x32 sp1 i notice the time stamps are on the money in tray bar but i’m also seeing in program files nothing updated nor in Program Data folder where definitions are placed are not being updated. Now before anyone says something please take into effect <—just an elderly peep trying to stay secure and have heard alot about this program and decided to give er’ a whirl. Are my inquiries unimportant? since tray icon has appropriate time stamp? and program data folder doesn’t? nor program files? Reason asking is usually when a program definition updates i can verify via the appropriate place. If I need to give permissions I’m sorry but i would need some helkp if someone could please do such. If i’m ok with tray icon updating fine and i’m ok please let me know. TYVM Gerald

Not really sure what you mean by timestamps, if you are asking about updates, see this thread. ???

Ty Sir for the input but i attached what i guess i’m trying to ask meaning when BoClean updates after boot up the “TRAY” icon time stamp says i’m up to date and i watch it d/l the updates, But inside program files bo clean no new dat files pertaining to updates and or “Program Data” i guess is where the latest def pattern is supposed to be is what i have gathered by reading the threads here. So with them 2 areas of Operating sys drive doesn’t have latest def “.dat” file and the tray icon “Timestamp” on the gui does then my main questionb and i dearly apologize for my Non-Savy pc skills is since bottom right of pc screen right clicks and at top of bocleans gui timestamp 2008-7-25- 12:46,18 as long as that there is up to date then i am protected? Every Hello I am sorry for this but just trying to make sure i know what i’m doing here with this highly talked about program, which i was refered to by quite a few… images attached Hope i have explained ok if not i’ll try better just see images let me know please if i am ok or if it is just downloadiong updates but not applying. TYIA “Gerald”

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Those are correct timestamps, you don’t have any problem.

TyVM for fast reply and the assurance i was uncertain of, greatly appreciated.


To clarify a bit, the ProgramData stuff are signatures, updated regularly. The files in %SYSTEMROOT%\Program Files will only get updated when a new version is released.

the timestamp that is showing for the “XVU” file does NOT look right… it should be the same as what is showing in BOC’s “menu”… i would look into it… maybe the file’s actual timestamp doesn’t match what windows is showing you? there could be a problem, somewhere…

I think redwolfe_98 is right here :-\

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The timestamp shown on the screen is the specific actual time when the database was generated for BOClean by our lab. Back in the days when updates were done by FTP, that date and time stamp was within a minute or two of the upload to our servers from the lab because FTP downloads will carry the timestamp of the file on the server. Now that we have to do it by means of a WEB download, the browser library which downloads it does not make note of the date and time so what you see there is the time that the file was downloaded. So the “system date” when looking at the file itself unfortunately has nothing to do with the actual update time any longer since we’re not doing FTP updates now. But there’s why …