BoClean4.25 and McAfee 2007.Conflict?


I have a problem. Running McAfee and Boclean.

When there is an update for McAfee and BoClean is in the sytem tray it is impossible to reenable McAfee without rebooting. I have been looking into this matter for a couple of weeks. So for the last update I left BoClean in the system tray. After the update McAfee was disaabled and ino way to reenable it(as usual). So I shut down BoClean. The very second after it McAfee reabled itself so to speak. ???

Tomorrow I am going to try again. This time without BoClean in
the system tray from the beginning. If McAfee reenables itself automatically that would mean that there is real problem.

In that case I’d need your advise. Nothing at all was changed on the computer.

You may want to put McAfee in CBO’s excluder.

OK. Thanks.I’ll try it.

You’re most welcome, please let us know what you find out.

Here is a follow-up:

It seems it helped.

As I want to be on the safe side I am going to wait a couple of days more and come back. :slight_smile:

i don’t know if there is a conflict between BOC and “mcafee”, or not, but problems with mcafee are not uncommon…

if you really want to test to see if BOC is causing the problems with mcafee, i would uninstall BOC and then see if you still have problems with mcafee… or, you could try disabling BOC, instead of uninstalling it…