I can’t find BOClean as a topic unless you go back to July, is it in the firewall?


:slight_smile: Hi turnorburn

I am not sure how to react so I hope you will forgive me for a smile … but that was discussed do many times and far as I remember you were particupating in the discussions

BOClean was unfortunately dismissed as a standalone application

Kevin is not working for Comodo anymore

Allegedly, the application was " integrated" into AV …hmmm. … :THNK personally have more than doubts about that,… but anyway … not using AV … but I was just tried to find the … code …

… no I would rather stop here.

So yes - “Integrated” :wink:


What used to be a standalone application called BOClean is now the built in function “Detect Shellcode Injections” in the Image Execution Settings part of Defense + part of the AV (realtime scanning component).

This does not mean that the exact code that made up the standalone BOClean application is integrated into CIS, rather it means the functionality provided by BOClean is now replicated by code within CIS.

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Ewen :slight_smile:

Edit : LOL. Obviously didn’t have my thinking cap ■■■■■■■ on too tightly last night,did i? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Ewen,

With all due respect … “Shellcode Injections” is former standalone
and… again … sorry about that unfortunately integrated Memory Firewall (buffer overflow/ Software DEP) protection

are we on the same page?

BOClean “Anti-Malware” was kinda memory scanning loaded executables …

It seems I did not have too many :■■■■ today … actually - none ;D


We all make mistakes and I make plenty ;D

BOClean is part of the AV now.


The Buffer Overflow Shellcode Injection thing was Memory Firewall aka SafeSurf. :-TU

That’s fine … we all do … rather entitled to ;D

Still have more than doubts about that ;)… not the way it worked and not the way it was developed for in the 1st place … but anyway

but that’s not the DEP part. Am I right?

Hi Bad Frogger

Despite at one stage it was associated with “SafeSurf” (or still is… not sure)
it has nothing to do with “Surf”[ing] actually

It could (should) exist as a separate entity that applies to many things … browser included, but t does not belong to that per se


Memory Firewall is not SafeSurf, but they are both memory firewalls…

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I must be forgiven for oversimplifying. :a0

I do remember them…, by “aka” I didn’t mean, “one and the same” in any literal sense.
I meant things alike or similar enough to be of the same family.
That of Buffer Overflow prevention, to prevent the exploitation of that software weakness being used to Inject Shellcode. Be it a stand alone app or a browser add on.

In the context of distinguishing that family type, from the one being discussed.
BOClean being signature based anti-malware memory scanner/monitor, would by it’s nature have to go with/into the AV, or with/into nothing at all without some signatures.
As SiberLynx perhaps hints at.

Later :wink:

Well that was a lot to take in, could you guys do an encore? I haven’t been here for a while and got curios,
I still have a copy of BOClean maybe I’ll fire that up. ;D

Notice you won’t get anymore signature updates for BOClean.