(:AGY) I installed BOClean yesterday and had to unistall it soon after. I liked all the protection it offered but it disabled my photo’s I wasn’t able to open any of my pictures in my picture folder to view them. So I removed it went back to my photo’s album and I now can once again view them .

I’ve moved your post into the “General” BOClean topics out of the FAQ area.
I’ve never heard of CBO preventing someone from opening their pictures, can you elaborate?
Were there errors of some kind?

No error messages. NOTHING. I Just wasn’t able to access my photo’s. No clue as to why but once I removed BOClean every thing worked fine again. Go figure. ???

What OS? (Nothing in the event viewer?)
Was the CBO install completed (updated & rebooted)?
You followed the installation instructions completely, including disabling of any other AV/AS during install?

Windows XP 2002 Home Edition SP2. The answer is YES to your other questions.