BOClean won't update[Resolved]

Everythings been working fine but now when I try update it gets as far as saying “Authenticating…”
and then just stops, showing the previous update date.

I’m using 4.25

Haven’t changed anything since yesterday, when it last worked…

Have you read the FAQ?

[u][b]Update Issues[/b][/u]

There are several posts on update problems with helpful answers.
Please read these first.
If you need to post after going through these, please include OS and CBO client information.

Is IE in “Offline” mode?,8280.0.html

Did you try the Updater in the startup folder?,8294.0.html

Did you give “Modify” and “Write” rights to the Limited users?,8280.0.html

Did you install in admin mode?
Have you rebooted?

Administrator cannot update:;msg68630#msg68630

The issue was IE - not Outlook Express - see:

Both links describe the IE issue. Interesting to note that the first linked KB article was last reviewed yesterday. Even though they both refer to IE 4 and/or 5, evidently the issue continued in IE6.
Also worthwhile noting that the issue does not appear to be resolved by MS, the registry change may not stick and they admit to such in the KB article.
Resetting :
HKEY_USERS\SID\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\GlobalUserOffline to 0 resolved the issue on all the boxes in question.

Here’s another solution to get Comodo BoClean to update.;msg65625#msg65625

Shutdown BOClean from systray.
Go to C:\Program Files\Comodo\CBOClean
Right-click BOC423.exe then click Properties.
Click the “Compatibility” tab
Under Privilege level
Check the box “run this program as administrator”
Click OK then close the properties.

Launch BOClean, right-click then click check for updates.

Thanks so much!

Internet Explorer was in Work Offline mode!

You’re welcome, I’ll mark this as resolved and lock it up.