BOClean won't automatically load

Recently created a standard user account in Vista x64. Noticed that BOClean now does not load automatically despite having the auto-start box checked in the BOClean configuration menu. Oddly, BOClean still automatically loads in the admin account.

I fixed this by copying a shortcut to BOClean in the standard user’s startup folder, but am left wondering why the checked box in the configuration menu doesn’t do the job…

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Do you mean limited user account? It is posted somewhere on thie forum about LUA and BOClean.

search “Limited user account BOClean”

Unfortunately, that’s the way Vista’s been changed. It WILL start up in the session for the system, but won’t appear (or be used) in the “additional user” sessions simply on a basis of Vista’s design. You can’t move things from one session to another with the way BOClean was designed for compatibility with ALL versions of Windows. When we get to building the 5 version of it, this will be fixed, but it will also mean that those using anything older than WinXP will be left behind in order to make that possible. This is why either 4.27 or a “final 4.xx” version will be the end of the line for “older Windows versions” but the 4.xx will continue to be supported for as many years as we can, making that the “break” from our past.

Once we get to the 5 build (and don’t ask, I dunno WHEN I’ll get to it - the AV, CIS and a number of other tasks have become a higher priority at the moment) that will be a given once we no longer have to do it the “old fashioned way” in that version. For now though, that’s probably the best solution. Sorry … :-\

Thanks, guys. The work-around (adding to the account’s startup folder) is easy enough, just wanted to make sure you were aware of it. I look forward to the next version!