Boclean with realtime antispyware

One of the security applications I run is SpywareTerminator. Boclean co-exists well with it, no problems. But what would happen in the event that a trojan recognised by both applications tried to execute? And both decided to have a fight over which was going to kill the thing?

BOClean doesnt conflict with antivirus and antispyware programs.

and you could say the same about antivirus and antispyware what if both detect the same trojan, but antivirus and antispyware programs doesnt conflict either.

I suspect the nasty would be exterminated by whichever anti-malware program discovered it first. The early bird catches the worm!
Assuming both programs had the nasty in their database I have a feeling BOclean would get there first but I think the definitive answer to this would have to come from Kevin.


Thanks for the replies.
So I guess there’s no likely hazard involved in running them together?
I’ve heard of different (but similar) programs “clashing” and freezing the computer in this sort of situation, and sometimes, following the restart, the “nasty” loads before the AS program.

So far I have no issues either :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

I would have thought that the traditional file scanners Av and AS would have first go at it, as they scan the files when they first try to run, and BOClean last when the file made it into memory.

The AS I use (spyware terminator) has a HIPS like capability (well they call it HIPS, really it just asks about new .exe’s and .dll’s trying to run) and it would seem to intercept to calls to run the program, as it asks before the file is run.

Avira also scans files when they’re being read- I presume this means being read for instructions to send to the cpu, which would also mean that it scans before the file is active?

(actually, I’m just following Tarq57 around, trying to prove I’m right lol)


I believe a traditional AT as well would intercept before the file runs prior to when the malware is rooted in memory.