BoClean with other realtime spyware/malware scanners.

Just curious, but I currently use Ad-Aware’s Ad-Watch and Spybot S&D separately for different computers, and I am just wondering if I should just exclusively run BoClean by itself with my anti-virus, or run it side-by-side with my other spyware/malware scanners and anti-virus. Because Spybot and Ad-Watch both have realtime scanning, and I know Ad-Watch has a extended anti-virus engine, and Spybot may have one as well along with its registry watcher. So from what I understand, both of these can detect malware, spyware and adware. And so can BoClean.

I have run BoClean alongside both of these programs and it doesn’t seem to have any conflicts, but I just worry about memory usage with everything combined and whether or not it will outperform these realtime spyware removers by itself, or if I should just run it along with the other scanners for added protection, but possibly have conflicts down the road or extended memory usage.

Hey, What AV are you using?;topicseen
similar question 88)

i used CAVS 2.0 BETA (realtime AV) & spyware terminator (realtime AS) with BOClean once. no conflict between them :■■■■

but of course these combo will take much resource 88) BOClean takes pretty high RAM usage btw :stuck_out_tongue:

Avast 4.8 Pro, although I may make the switch the Nod32 due to its zero-day detections.

Yes, I saw that thread but it wasn’t related to what I am asking. I am not asking about compatibility, since I have tested it with both and it works fine. But rather if it is really worth it to run all of them, or just BOCleaner. So what I am asking is, can BOCleaner effectively detect everything that Ad-Aware and Spybot can.

In my opinion, Keep Avast! and Comodo Firewall\Defense+… Great Combo. You can use MBAM\SAS for on demand scanning