BOClean with avast!, comodo firewall 3, and comodo memory firewall

Is BOClean good to have if I already have avast, comodo firewall 3, and cmf? In other words, do the programs I already have perform the same (or close) functions to BOClean? Does anyone have any other recommended security programs/ alternatives?

Thanks in advance

Hello asd264 and welcome to the forum! I use BOClean along with Avast and Comodo firewall 3 just for an extra little security. I’m sure Avast covers some of the stuff that BOClean covers but BOClean will detect stuff Avast can not. Personally i’d put BOClean on every computer since it’s such a nice little program. So I think you should keep BOClean along with Avast and CFP3. (B)

yeah, you do that if you have extra CPU & RAM. i removed CMF & BOClean to save some RAM for my desktop theme (:HUG)
currently using CFP3 w/defense+ & Avast 4.8. (:HUG)

LOL one’s gotta have clear priorities.

asd264, I’d recommend you to keep it. :slight_smile:

Hi asd264 :slight_smile:

In my opinion Avast! and BOClean is the best freeware Anti Malware combination :slight_smile: It saved several people that I recommended it to 8)

Greetz, Red.