BoClean & Winsock Issue

I think you should seriously look at the way BoClean is supposed to repair Winsock. As I have posted elsewhere here, twice I have installed this application, and twice has it messed up my Internet Connection.

It deletes the trojan alright, but messes up Winsock in the process. I had to use System restore twice to get back online. What use is software like this?

The repair function does not work on my system, and by a few other posts, others as well.

Its no use telling me to uncheck the repair Winsock box, this should not be checked by default, if it gives problems!

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Funny why nobody from Comodo Top Brass never replies when any prog of theirs has a negative posting, and when praise is lavished-a reply is forthcoming within minutes!!


Hi Delgado> I’m just a user. ;D
What OS are you using?
Also I’m curious, what Trojan did CBO delete?
Hope your issue gets resolved. (:KWL)

thanks for this Delgado

we will look into this issue further…


It was Trojan Simulator-a test Trojan

My operating system is Windows XP with SP2

For Melih-

Thanks for reply-I also use Prevx1 and Dr Web Anti Virus-

It crossed my mind that maybe it was Prevx1 interfereing with BoClean-just a thought!

My thought is, it must be some system/configuration/software-specific issue, as not all users are experiencing this. I know I’ve run several items to get it to trigger, including that trojan simulator, and have not had any winsock issues.

Maybe there is a prevx issue (which I don’t have), but it could be something else as well…


Im well aware it could be something else, but look around your own forum. There are a number of people with this problem. Also on other forums, all with Winsock problems.

My only reason for posting here, is that its up to you guys to sort this out, so that a good product is made better and works for the majority.

Absolutely. There’s obviously something up, and probably a common thread, as far as some conflicting “something” (whether that be software, hardware, driver, etc). As Melih has stated, they will be looking into it. In order to track it down (since it’s not happening to all users), they will probably need further feedback from those users experiencing it, to determine the exact cause.

Hope your dedication to helping make the program better, will extend to that if needed. That will be the biggest help of all.


Just realised, maybe Spyware Blaster or Spybot Immunization could be interfering with BoCleans efforts to clean Winsock. Both of these are on my system.

Another user (or users) reported Hosts file entries being changed to asterisks after BOC cleaned them out; as I recall, they also were using these “immunizing” applications. Perhaps there is a connection.


I had a strange suspicion about BOclean and spybot immunization. When I first configured BOclean I unticked the boxes so it would not clean up hosts file or winsock. Looks like my caution was well placed. I hope this issue can be fixed, though I feel happy enough that BOclean and CAVS are protecting my pc.


This issue is a known that needs be addressed here:

New CBO 4.24 will be out soon,8915.0.html