I’m getting frequent BOClean popups stating:


Text refers to file in system 32 as:


I allow BOClean to remove it but it returns. What is it and how do I root it out??

Have you rebooted?
Occasionally BOC requires the OS be restarted in order to kill an already active infection.

no, didn’t reboot this time, but it reappears almost daily…

Pretty sure it was same .dll

Might searching for .dll & removing it in Safe Mode be effective?

I’m not in the malware removing business, especially since I dont get any but you might try reading this.

Actually, I am :wink: I like the intructions here Trojan Vundo/Virtumonde/Winfixer Removal Security Cleanup FAQ | DSLReports, ISP Information


Now that you mention being in the malware removal business I have a question for you.

Did you ever post on the Comcast security forum?

The reason I ask is because I used to have Comcast and your name seems very familiar.
Someone with a name like yours used to help me out all the time, this is when I first started learning about security software.

Yep, still do, run the spyware removal faqs in that forum as well… also a “helper” at

Good “seeing” ya!! :slight_smile:

Good to have you CajunTek (-:

I am not sure what “qualifies” someone to be in the “malware removal business”. It kinda calls for some sort of international standard… (Not having a go at you CajunTek!!).

Personally i have “Qualifications” but not “Microsoft Qualifications” IE. MCSE etc. I have heard they are not much better then doing a course at collage/University… Some forums are closed to people helping that aren’t members of the “closed group” for obvious reasons, always wondered what qualifies to join them??

Both and tomcoyote have training for this, as well as some others… I am at work and don’t have the links here… I’ll provide them when I get home…

Thanks (-:.

Found the spywareinfo one.

Wow, small world!! I wasn’t sure if that was you or not but man do I owe you a big THANK YOU.
You stayed with me and helped me out with all of my computer problems when I didn’t know a firewall from a hole in the wall, just a complete newbie that knew nothing but how to log on and log off of a computer.
Viruses, trojans, spyware meant nothing to me at the time but you really helped me out with all of that.

Thanks CajunTek… :■■■■

I know I’ve said this somewhere before… :wink: it’s why I lurk… (:NRD)