BOClean Update Process

I have just Install BOclean and can not seem to get it to download the updates. After checking out the support page on the website I believe the problem is that FTP is block at the hardware firewall. This is a problem I have run into before and there is currently no way around it. Is there a way I can download update manually ‘not using BOClean’ from the website?

Welcome to the forums Bonesaw.
Have you had a look at the BOClean FAQ or search the forums?
There’s lots of information on update issues.
You might click on the tag “Update Issues” at the bottom of this thread and see what comes up. :wink:

Is there a way I can download update manually 'not using BOClean' from the website?
Yes, but it's in an FTP folder.

Hi, anyone can guide me how to DL the file from the above FTP link ? I can’t ftp down the file…

You aren’t using Vista by any chance are you?
If so, you may need to search for and delete any previous .xvu files.

Clicking the link brought up your browser, no?

Nope, I’m using XP Pro+SP2.
Click on the link open an empty browser… and it is loading with blank … Using DL mgr, it shows no file exist… :THNK

Are you behind a firewall that disallows FTP?
Are you the administrator or have access to the configuration module?
If you are using I.E. you’ll want to make sure your using passive FTP…
Try alt clicking and choosing “save as”.

Here is the current file for now…
You’ll have to unzip and manually place it in your C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\BOC425 folder.

[attachment deleted by admin]


Thanks for the attached file… Don’t think my firewall got block FTP as I can get other files from some of the FTP server out there…

Just to check, if I have a working set of the .xvu file, can I just copy it over to another machine ?

Yes, it should copy over just fine.
I’ll inquire about posting the file in our Comodo BOClean Updates Notice.

Thanks for the assistance. (:CLP)

I’ve attached the latest update (2007-11-30 12:17:24) in the Comodo BOClean Updates Notice as a test.