BOclean update problems (The file BOC427.XVU is corrupted)

How does the problem start and how can I clear the problem I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling. It works fine on my admin account but even after uninstalling/reinstalling it on my user account the alert pops up about the file is corrupt I have tried everything ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Help please.

Hi patrice58 :slight_smile:

I have to admit I am a little confused here. It looks like your problem is a combination of two known problems :-\

But first : Did you grant “modify” and “write” permissions to your user account for the CBOClean folder ??? How to do that for your Windows version you can find here :

And look for : Cannot get BOClean to update on “limited user accounts”

Greetz, Red.

All the advice on that page is for xp users but I am using vista cries

Apologies for the delay, Vista is its own little “adventure” and when we manage to get around to the next BOClean, there will be a separate “Vista only” build as a result.Unfortunately, BOClean has always been designed to run on every version of Windows since WFW 3.11 with Win32s, and Vista is a major departure from that “one size fits all” particularly with the crippled versions of Vista such as “Vista home” and others short of “Ultimate.”

The problem you’ve run into occurs as a result of one of the squirrely ways Vista does things, as well as the limitations imposed by changing BOClean’s long-standing FTP updating with the required HTTP updating because of the behavior of so many firewalls in making FTP downloading almost impossible across most of the firewall programmes that exist (including ours) … setting up FTP to work is such a challenge for most people that we had no choice but to go with HTTP downloads for the updates. And whereas FTP actually checks and confirms each packet or bails, it’s entirely likely for an HTTP download to lose the last packet or two and result in a corrupted download. This is the reason why this happens - whether it be a lost carrier, too much traffic, or the Wininet (windows) library counting its balls and failing to come up with the same number twice, it’s not uncommon for an HTTP download to derail sometimes. :frowning:

Vista though adds another layer of silliness as a result of its UAC, and we’ve seen this a few times before, particularly if somehow the automatic call for “administrator install” is missed by the OS. Often, an uninstall/reinstall manages to kick it in the head and make it do the install properly, sometimes not. And unfortunately, I no longer control the support pages and thus the information is missing with respect to this issue. I note references in the support page to many old, obsolete versions of BOClean in there as well.

When running under a limited account, Vista will FAIL to write out the update to its normal location in the “all users\application data\boc427” folder if the permissions settings have been modified from their “defaults,” and instead write it out to a “personal store” instead. And when Vista does this, it does so in a “hidden” manner. AND … if somehow that hidden “personal store” is somehow corrupted, that’s all she wrote, it will then refuse to overwrite it with a corrected download. Result is that the corrupted download never gets overwritten, and there’s no certain way for BOClean to find out exactly where that personal store is actually located since that’s apparently a “secret” for a “limited user” program. And usually, an uninstall/reinstall will cause Vista to “invalidate” the corrupted store data and write to it properly thereafter. This is why some folks have seen this as a “peekaboo” problem, just wanted to explain the mechanics behind it since it’s Vista doing that.

Only solution I can offer (been hoping for a while that Microsoft would fix this) is a search for BOC427.XVU and making certain that the settings for search include checking for everything, hide nothing, and include ALL possible folders. Normally this “ghost” location will be something along the lines of C:\Users(Yourusername)\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ProgramData\BOC427\BOC427.XVU but we’ve seen other locations pop up as well here and there, so even this location is not assured. :frowning:

When you FIND the other copies of BOC427.xvu and delete them, then that will solve it.

Once all boc427.xvu files found have been deleted, then go to the start menu, programs, find the BOClean group under COMODO and then RIGHT click on the “Updater” icon. UAC will come up and ask for the administrator password. Feed it the password and the updater will go fetch the update for you again and that should solve it without the uninstall/reinstall silliness. Hopefully.

Once I get done with what I’m doing with the COMODO CAV 3, hopefully we will get back to building that 5 version of BOClean with a separate build for Vista (and probably “Windows 7” as well) and we’ll be able to do some things that we can’t do whilst still supporting XP and older Windows versions. I am expecting that when that time comes, Win2000 will probably be the oldest version we’ll be able to support, but the 4.27 for older Windows should still be maintained for those who are still using Win98 … and I’m amazed at how many people are still using Win98! Heh.

Kevin thank you ever so much I now have BOClean working as I searched for then deleted the BOC427.XVU file that was left on my computer, tho weirdly enough in all my other searches there would be no BOC427.XVU file left to delete but never mind all in well.