BoClean update pop-up

Hi guys,

This pop-ups keeps on coming quite often:

I am running under limited but installed this progie under admin, I also have checked the option “do not show automatic update screen.”

Any ideas of what’s happening?


I also got this error message right after the installation, but after a reboot the problem disapear. Haven’t got the message after that.

If you haven’t modified the read/write permissions to the BOC423 folder, it is possible that is why this is occurring.
See here:


Besides the permissions change on the BOC423 folder for Limited Users, you might also make sure the Internet Settings for your PC are not set to “Offline”. BOClean uses the same connectivity settings to accomplish it’s updates as Internet Explorer does to do it’s thing.

Did that. Thank you.

What planet suggested didn’t work because when I clicked on “Check for Update” to manually verify the fix was working, I got again the error message: check firewall settings blah, blah…

Now, I am going to do what you are suggesting but how do I do that? Can you be more specific, please? Internet settings for your PC are not set to offline…It’s the first time I hear of this stuff.

BTW, I also went to my Admin account and same pop-up issue. I might unistall this program from my computer, it looks it’s conflicting with another software, Avast perhaps???


Windows XP (which is what I’m refering to) has the odd ability to go into “Offline” mode and still connect to a network or the internet. (2 good examples of programs that work normally in “Offline” mode would be Firefox and Opera.) But if the PC is in “Offline” mode, some programs like Internet Explorer and BOClean are truly offline, totally unable to connect to anything.

To test my memory of how this all works, I just set my PC to “Offline” mode. And sure enough, in just a few minutes, the BOClean error you have been seeing popped up on my screen.

Anyway, the way to check this setting is to start up Internet Explorer (I’m using version 6 of IE on this PC), go to the File menu item and see if “Work Offline” is checked. If it is, uncheck it and try updating BOClean again. After unchecking “Work Offline” on this PC, I was once again able to update BOClean.

Han, you are a genius ;D

I just tested it myself, and you are right. It is good to know that this could be the matter in case people have update problems.

Greetz, Red.

Thanks for the kudos but I’m no genius…

The reason I knew a little about this issue is because it happened to me a year or so ago! (:WIN)


Thanks for your reply but these options where already unchecked in all my browsers: Opera, FF and IE.

Software compatibility issue. Bye-bye ComodoBOClean.