BOClean update date on Right click menu not changing

I’m new to BOClean and my computer knowledge is probably one step above novice.

That being said I installed BOClean yesterday and noticed that the “Update” date does not change on the right click menu from the tray icon until I again try the update a second time. It happened after install and again this morning.

This, I’m sure, does not affect the function of the program but thougt I would bring it to your attention.

I use manual updates because I am on a terrible dialup connection with a max speed of 24kbps on a good day. Out of curiosity, what is the size of the average update?

System is XP Home all current updates installed.
Comodo Firewall Pro
CAVS 1.1

Thanks for all your hard work and providing a geat package of programs for our protection, I need all I can get.



After you have updated, but before you close the menu, try clicking on “Reload/test update”.

Hi Mowergun,

That did it.

Thanks for your help, now I know…