Boclean tray icon

Hello i have installed Boclean in combination with the Comodo 3.0 Firewall, Avira Premium Anti-Virus and A2-Anti Malware with IDS i run A2 because it detect more then 1.3 millions malware Avira detects less then 300.000 and Boclean is since i had have installed sometimes changing his icon see attachement what is it doing can some explain.

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Hi speedosurfer,

Let’s say, they suppose to detect more then… and less then… :wink:
As for the icon, as far as I remember that green arrow is updating.
I am using alternative BOC icons but I think that’s how it is with the original one.
…actually why should I “remember”? :slight_smile: Choose Configure BOClean and hit online Help
scroll down to “BOClean in normal operation” - all descriptions are there


;)Thanks Boclean dos his job it has detected an rootkit installer and have eliminated this Avira and A2 was also warning but i have to decided to clean it by Boclean to test if het work the detected rootkit was: Rkit/Agent.DQ.31.A this rootkit is someone trying i think, the rootkit was detected in 2007 by Avira, Kaspersky, A-Squared etc, that someone it now will using is stupid Comodo Firewall comes with an alert and block it

well the name of detection basically says nothing to me
what was the file? were you checking thoroughly in other reliable sources?
You may read this about alleged “rootkit installer” :slight_smile: the file in question used almost in every serious malware removal Tool … and yet it is considered being rootkit installer…so … :THNK
… but if it was real… I would not stop and do full computer checkup following all procedures because those root-things are very “special” in terms of cleaning.
I have no intentions to scare you and hope all is fine with your PC

mine pc is fully clean Avira Premium turns in high heuristic mode, boclean runs smoothly and a-squared is filtering al the traffic with comodo firewall this combination of security kept mine pc clean and safe i will no longer recommend cav 2.0 beta because it mis a lot of viruses, trojans, rootkits, phishingmail is allowed etc it is waiting for 3.0 and hopefully very soon it tooks too long the beta version

the rootkit has not infected mine pc it comes with an installer and the whole rootkit is killed i have checked mine mbr and other partions no traces at all