BOClean to have an on-demand Scanner or not? [POLL]

Just for BOClean version 5, Which is to be the next major version… Who would want an on-demand scanner for BOClean?

Remember, Kevin has been working on this since 1980’s, and has done a great Job. So far, No on-demand scanner has been in. I am just wondering if enough people request this or think it would be OK, Kevin could pull some surprises out? :slight_smile:

So what do you think? Please specify you’re answer here. :slight_smile:


Hi, I would like that BOClean will have on-demand function, it’s so great program against malware with the on-access engine, so why it shouldn’t be on-demand?
I heard the idea with BOClean is only on-access scanner… but, break the rules a little bit. ;D

It does have an on-demand scanner. Simply click and drag the file or directory drop it over the BoClean menu. Perhaps you’re referring to a more comprehensive one? On-demand scanning actually isn’t needed for singular files as all you have to do is Run the file in memory. I think an on-demand scanner would unecessarily increase the program#s footprint. Besides, you can always do an on-demand scan with CPF3.


Yep. I am referring to a Scanner which scans entire Computer, quick scans, that kind of stuff…

Anyway I haven’t voted I just want to hear everyone’s opinion & Kevin’s when he takes a look.


Now, do you see? I didn’t know that there is such an option. Where do you get this information from? It’s totally new for me…

Hi boys :slight_smile:

  • BOClean is not made for on-demand scanning :
The reason why BOClean does not do "file scans" is that most backdoor trojan horses elude file scanning entirely. The majority of "backdoor compromises" involve FAMILIAR trojans which have been "encrypted," "repacked," "patched," "hex edited" or otherwise modified to obscure them from "pattern matches." This is HOW they sneak by antiviruses and "malware/trojan/spyware scanners." File scanning IS the province of traditional anti-malware software and we consider it ineffective in the "real world." BOClean does not waste time duplicating a systemwide file scan which is what your antivirus is expected to do, and already has done. If it gets past THOSE, then BOClean stands at the ready.

From here :

  • The drag and drop scanning is no on-demand scanner but an instant on-access scanner, because it actualy loads the malware into the memory. It was designed for expert users to research malware, and not as a toy to play with.

Greetz, Red.

I wouldn’t like on-demand scanning, BOClean is good the way it is!

Hi All,

I voted yes because , I am sort of old fashioned.

I like to scan every once once in a while, just for piece of mind!

As BoClean will be integraded in CAVS 3, I don’t see the need for an on-demand scanner. So I won’t vote. I think BoClean is good as it is, but I keep getting the feeling that it’s oldfashioned. It was good in the earlier years, but now… It isn’t what it was made for.


Maybe for the separate version. I think that should be separate version from CAVS 3 and version that will integrate with CAVS 3.

+1 on this, because one would have to be nuts to drop NOD32 or Avira for this CAVS 3 version 1.0.

I don’t agree with you. Recent examples like the Limbo 2 trojan can fool most AV scanners, but not BOClean :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

I like as it is. I have got others programs for an on demand scan :smiley:

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I’d prefer an on-demand scanner. I think it would be beneficial for people who already have malware and would like to clean on-demand AND protect in their system real-time in one convenient package. It would also be beneficial for people who can’t get enough scanners. :slight_smile: The only real downside I could see is that it would use some more memory, but memory is so cheap nowadays.

Memory is cheap, but not always, older DDR1 isn’t, and there are a lot of PC’s like mine have got only two banks of memory, and a lot of mother boards, like mine, don’t support more 2GB of RAM. What are you saying?
There are a lot of FREE programs very trusted with on demand scan. People can’t get enough scanners? who? paranoids surfing the dark side of the net? Common sense, please, common sense.

It’s not BOClean’s strength. BOClean, i was told long ago, has a very specific purpose in life, and is very good at it. Catching things in memory has a unique advantage etc. etc. (read the author’s posts on it).

IMO scanning would take value from BOC, rather than add.

NO ! BOClean was never intended that way.

May I also please ask that BOClean will be available as stand alone app. Thanks !

As far as I remember that feature was removed a few versions ago.
Or am I now having a senior moment? (I haven’t tested it that way lately).

Heya Jrb :slight_smile:

That was part of the deal when Kevin joined Comodo. So the answer is : Yes :slight_smile:

No, you can test it yourself with Trojan Simulator :

Just drag and drop the TrojanSimulator.exe to BOCleans menu :slight_smile: You might have to shut down your Anti Virus and/or Anti Spyware programs for this test :wink:

Greetz, Red.

Perhaps having the option to load the on demand scanner could reduce memory usage for those who do not wish to use it?

I agree that safe surfing habits should be followed. However, I wouldn’t use this solely as a guarantee of protection. Even the so-called trusted sites can fall victim sometimes to malicious attacks.

If BOC can implement an on-demand scanner good enough to replace the likes of 3rd party alternatives like SAS, Malwarebyte’s, etc, then why not? I mentioned those who might want multiple scanners as one example, but I’m sure there those like me who wouldn’t mind not having to load all those extra apps as well.