BOClean takes 99% CPU for 20 minutes before I rebooted

I have been running BOClean for a couple of weeks. One day last week, after logging in, the BOClean icon was green and Task Manager showed that a BOClean process was taking 99% CPU. After 20 minutes of this, I rebooted the PC, and BOClean returned to normal.

This is my PC at work. My PC is behind a password-protected proxy, and BOClean does not seem to grab the proxy info from IE, so auto updates does not work, and I have it disabled.

The BOClean icon turns blue while it scans after login, and this usually takes less than a minute on my PC. My PC runs at 3GHz and has 1GB RAM, so it is pretty zippy. My PC runs McAfee AV and no local firewall. I brought up MS Outlook right after login. I was reading emails for about 20 minutes, noticing how slow my PC was, when I investigated and found out the problem was BOClean. I shut down Outlook, and BOClean continued for several minutes to use 99% and keep its icon green. Then I gave up and reboot.

Hope this enough info to help find a bug within BOClean.

Edit: My PC runs Windows XP Pro SP2

Hey there (:WAV),

First : does BoClean keep using 99% of the recources all the time or just every 10-20 seconds ? Because that’s normal.

2nd: if it just keeps using 99% try excluding McAfee and see if this works somehow…



When the problem occurred last week, BOClean used 99% of the CPU constantly until I rebooted. I am familiar with BOClean activating every 10 seconds, but that is just a short blip.

I haven’t seen the problem since then, so I can’t try anything.

Hi SilentMusic7 :slight_smile:

Xan is right : When you see such behavior from BOClean it normaly means that another real-time security program “tickles” BOClean. You can try to solve it by excluding the BOClean files and/or folders in that real-time security program, or the other way around as Xan suggested. See my post here :;msg194225#msg194225

Greetz, Red.