BOClean + Sysinternals ProcessMonitor = KABOOM!

(WinXP SP2)
If you start Sysinternals ProcessMonitor with BOClean running, an immediate, hard locukup occurs.

Might be a self-protection mechanism employed by BOClean, might be an “antihook” collision, might be a BOClean bug. In any case, it’s a real PITA.

FWIW, adding ProcessMonitor to BOClean’s “exclude” list doesn’t help.

Works fine here. XP Pro and ProcMon 1.01. I even did a BOC(4.23) update and all worked fine.

yep, procmon.exe version 1.01

Good to hear the combo is working for you, at least. Thanks for the feedback!

I don’t get any sort of problem either. Sorry. :frowning:

Just tried it myself and no problem … what else ya got on there?