BoClean running but no Icon?

Hi All

I have problem accessing the Icon in the System tray. BOCore.exe and BOC424.exe are running when viewed from the task manager but the icon does not show in the system tray. I tried uninstalling and re-installing but I don’t get the Front-end icon showing. I have BOClean running on multiple PC’s without any problem at all. But this one PC does not want to show the Icon. I am signed on as the system admin and I’m runninig winxp sp2 with the latest updates. I have CPF 2.4 runninig and AOL AVS running.

Does anyone know how to get this icon to show in the system tray? Could the previous install with BOClean 4.23 interfere in some way. I tried to remove all the entries in the registry pertaining to BOClean but still no Icon.

Any Help would greatly be appreciated.

when you uninstalled BOC, did you make sure that there were no BOC files left behind? i would try uninstalling BOC and then reinstalling it, making sure that no remnants of BOC 4.23 are left behind after you have installed BOC, before reinstalling it…

Thanks redwolfe_98 for the reply. I tried deleting anything that pertained to BOClean but still no luck. I booted into safe mode and there were a couple of entries I could not delete that I believe had something to do with BOClean. They were the Legacy_BOCDRIVE entry. Something about BOClean kernal monitor. Could this be the problem?


alfred, try this… since BOC is not functioning properly, let’s uninstall it and then start over, rienstalling it…

first, open “task manager” and, in “processes”, close the BOC processes, “boc424.exe” and “bocore.exe”… then run the uninstall from “add/remove”… then reboot…

after you have run the uninstall and then rebooted, look in “task manager”, in “processes”, to see if any BOC processes are still running… if they are, use “task manager”, again, to close them… the two BOC-processes that normally run when BOC is installed and running are “boc424.exe” and “bocore.exe”…

once you are sure that no BOC processes are running, make sure that all of the BOC files have been removed… to do that, go to “c/program files” and look in the comodo folder, there, if there is one, and delete any BOClean files that you find, there… you could also check to make sure that there are no BOC files in a “NSClean” folder, in “c/program files”…

to remove the BOC regkeys, in case any are leftover, open “regedit” and go to


and, if you see a BOC regkey, there, in the right-pane, delete it…

now go to


and, under “services”, delete the BOC regkeys there, if any exist… the two that i have are labeled “BOCore” and “BOCDRIVE”…

after deleting all of the BOC files and all of the listed BOC regkeys, reboot… after rebooting, look in “task manager” to see if any BOC processes are still running… if there are any, then there is a problem, somewhere… you also could look in “services” to see if any BOC services are still listed there and if they are running… (start/control panel/“administrative tools”/“services”)…

at this point, BOC should be completely removed from your computer and you can now do a “clean” reinstall of it… after installing BOC, reboot and then BOC should be running properly…

let’s us know what the results are, if you were finally able to install BOC and it is working properly, or not…

Thanks redwolfe_98 for the idea. I actually did all that when I uninstalled.

Here is a new development! When I get the logon screen for winXP pro and I wait about 30 secs, the BOClean icon appears in my systray. If I don’t wait and login, the BOClean icon does not appear! Could this be some setting in WINXP pro that prevents the gui icon from starting? I have CPF 2.4 and AOL AVS installed and they always appear whether I login quickly or not. I have these 3 programs running on about 9 different computers and operating systems and have never experienced this.

Any other ideas are welcome, and thanks again for your help.

Hello Alfred

It could have a different name in an English windows version but rightclick on a free space near the system clock choose adjust messages,now you will see also COMODO BOclean and choose that it must be always visible. That always doesn’t work. Take also a look here :


What happens if you kill explorer.exe thru task manager, then start it again (file → new task (run) explorer.exe)?

I had a similar problem with several icons not appearing, and restarting explorer would often get them back.
In my case it was due to my AV being slow to start. I “resolved” it by letting my pc sit at teh login screen for a minute or so, while I get a cuppa :wink:

Thanks for all your help. Thats an interesting read Niels. I will try Microsofts fix. As for now, If I sit on the logon screen for about 30 seconds and then login as qwerty said, I get the BOClean icon.

Thanks again