BOclean really no #1 hit!

Yeah, well, installed the program (Run as administrator) on my Vista Business 32 bit, rebooted and instantly ran into serious problems with some applications. My autostarting CCleaner and RaidenFTPD both seized to function, CCleaner crashes and RaidenFTPD cant start because of failed listening to something that is not a socket, according to error message. Went to uninstalling BOclean, uninstall didnt work, reinstalled it and got the uninstallation to finish at last, cleaned the registry from remains (yes, i know what i am doing ;D), rebooted several times but still my two programs above refuses to work. Not exactly what i´ve been expecting… :frowning: Seems i have to reinstall a few programs after this rather disappointing experience…

So, the faint of heart should really think at least twice before installing this software, i´m sure it will work well for most of you guys, but it´s obvious that under some circumstances it will crash, if not your operating system, at least some of your programs…This was NOT really pleasant at all… :’(

EDIT: I also did put the two applications in BOclean´s exclusion list, but no show there.

I am sorry to hear that you have problems. But did you try the Program Excluder ? Just open it from the menu and drag and drop any program or shortcut that causes a conflict to it. I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Thanks for answer, i just realized that i forgot to mention that in my first post so i edited and added that. :wink:

I have BOClean and CCleaner as well, though CCleaner doesn’t autostart. Everything works fine here. What about disabling the autostart?

Well, one of the (for me atleast) great things with CCleaner is that i can autostart it with Windows and have it clean selected locations at that point. Disabling that makes the program more or less inconvenient for me so i´d rather keep that autostarting than using BOclean. In the best of worlds i would of course prefer to use both, but we are obviously not there yet…And my RaidenFTPD server is a must in autostart, otherwise i´ll forget it completely ;D

Seems rather obvious that BOcleaner dont like some programs autostarting at the same time as itself (or before) coz CCleaner works just fine if manually invoked. RaidenFTPD is 100% hosed though, cant be autostarted and cant be manually started. I can hear the words “reinstall and reconfigure” roaring in the room now :’(

In fairness to BOCLean this could be a Vista(+ BOC) issue. BOC and Vista have not been playing together well for a while now. The makers of BOC have been trying hard though. Kevin has posted numerous times about the issues with Vista. It was hoped that this release might solve some Vista issues.

Sounds like a Vista issue. No auto start on my CClean either but then again I am XP not Vista.

If a program is announced to fully support a certain operating system atleast i take it for granted that it fully sopports that operating system, not partially supports it. Dont get me wrong here, im in no way blaming Comodo for this, im a HUGE fan of the company and their software, loves the firewall and even transladed it into my native language (swedish). But…the sad facts is that BOclean does weird things to your computer under certain circumstances and as it seems right now they could very well be irreparable.

I´ve further investigated what BOclean really did to my Vista installation and after examining my startup programs i can now say that of the four programs that autostarts with Vista and searches for Internet connectivity at startup all four is hosed by BOclean. CCleaner looks for updates and crashes, RaidenFTPD cant start, error message “[Servername] is not started on port xxxxx (listen failed : An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket.)”, Atomic Clock sync (synchronizes your computer clock) cant access the Internet and Dynamic DNS updater client is in the same state, no Internet access.

My theory (im in no way any expert) is that the option in BOclean "“Automatic cleanup of winsock connectivity” together with autostarting programs that needs Internet connectivity totally f**ks up Winsock. Even after uninstalling BOclean the errors remains. As of now, four perfectly working programs is in a non-working stage after BOclean installation. I cant get them to work even after uninstall of BOclean, and the questions is if they will work even after i reinstall them? If my theory is correct i would consider this as a very nasty bug in BOclean. Would love to hear a comment from Kevin on the subject.

EDIT: I can now confirm that uninstalling and reinstalling the affected programs DOES NOT solve the problems… :’(

Another sad update on this matter, not even a System Restore to a point before installing BOclean worked, still the same errors as described earlier. Now this is getting really really serious, i´ve been working like a one legged man in a butt kicking contest to get this newly installed Vista system up and running the way i like it and now it all seems ruined. I am not a man of harsh words, but let me put it like this, i am in a really bad mood at the moment. Translate that into a more harsh language and you will find out what i really think about BOclean… :’(

Seems like i have to do a total reinstall of the whole operating system AND all the software…man, am i pissed off, or what? :’(

Sorry to hear that … definitely should not have happened … see if this helps:

Thanks for answer Kevin, but i´ve tried that already and Windows can not find any errors related to my network, which is perfectly sane considering the fact that the connection actually works, even if it is kinda half-a**ed. I´ll try to repair winsock, there´s a way to do that from the command line, using syntax: “netsh winsock reset”. That will restore winsock to the default state but will also force me to reinstall a few things like NOD32 and such. Well worth it if it helps. Another defunct program also found, Internet Explorer can not access the Internet… :o

YAY! Success it seems. Running “netsh winsock reset” from the command line obviously did some good things to winsock and now my RaidenFTPD and Internet Explorer is running as supposed again. Will have to test the rest of the applications later on before i can confirm 100% success though.


Do not install Comodo BOclean again!

Sorry to read of your problem there, wingnut; glad you sorted them. I’ve learned something though: that command line entry to recover winsock to default entry is very useful to know, so thanks!

Thank you Sir! Yes, that little nifty command line thingie saved my old wrinkled behind from having to reinstall Vista and all software ;D And if you want to do the same with your tcp/ip stack the command is “netsh int ip reset”. All seems OK now, the programs are back in working condition, thank you Lord!

On topic though, as i mentioned in earlier post, my opinion is that this must be considered as a rather nasty bug in BOclean (atleast in Vista) and imho the developers should really have a closer look at it.


first of all, thank you very much for giving us this very valuable feedback. we do appreciate it…
we are on this…

keep the feedback coming…

thank you again


My pleasure, and please rest assured that my confidence in Comodo and their products (most of them atleast ;D) are still at a very high level!

Thank you :slight_smile: