BoClean quit updating

Version 4.26

The auto update has not update the current file of 5/24/08…11.51.25

The manual update says I have the latest update of 5/23/08…13.28.04

Comodo firewall shows access memory action to BOC approximately every 3 to 5 minutes

Thanks for the help

Try a re-install of BOClean, sounds like something may have become corrupt.

I now have what I believe is the latest auto update 5/26/08 11:33:39

The only changes to my system were the CFO updates yesterday and on 5/23/08

Could the update before yesterday have caused this problem then the update yesterday cleared it

My current update is: 2008-5-26

But this means BOClean is updating again, maybe it was a connection error?

Anyways I don’t think it was a matter of an updating clearing it because the initial problem was you not being able to update.