BOClean question

At school we each have our own computer. Now on our computers at school we are allowed to install a anti virus and anti spyware/anti malware. So of course i installed BOClean but the problem i have is someone keeps going on my computer and removing BOClean. Problem would be solved if we were allowed to password protect our computers but we arent. So i’m wondering is there any way i can protect BOClean from being uninstalled?

Are you 100% certain that no admin uninstalls BOClean? Seems very odd that any user would do that all the time. Most people wouldn’t even notice the tray icon…


No it wasn’t any Admin. If it was they would’ve told me they were going to and why. So yes, 100% sure it’s some norton fan or comodo hater >:(

Strange indeed, can’t see why anyone but an admin would do such a thing - repeatedly times.

Anyway, I’m not aware of any function in BOClean to serve your need. I guess restricted rights in Windows is the way to go, but that’s a question for admins.


BOClean also has the option to permantly hide the taskbar icon etc, so you could have it on and nobody would know. It also stealths the alerts, so that things are automaticly blocked with no window popping up.

Excellent idea!

I also came up with another idea although I’ve no idea if it works. - Install CFP and add BOClean to protected files, then password protect CFP.


Thanks tormod i’ll do that next week when i go back to school. :-TU

Leoni, our school have their own “firewall” and they will not let us install a firewall at all. :frowning: But thank you for your help to. I think just hiding the BOC taskbar icon will work wonderfully. :-TU

Just make sure that all your settings are where you want them before you do it, because you can’t access the main GUI anymore without going through a big process (according to the program help).

… and you won’t see any alerts :-\

Greetz, Red.

Alerts as in “Trojan found in memory, shutting it down” If that’s all then that’s perfectly fine with me.

Hi Goose18 :slight_smile:

No that is not all :-X What if BOClean “finds” a false positive ???

"Permanently hide traybar icon and alerts", this option will allow you to completely hide BOClean from the screen and the end user. This option will also hide trojan warnings on the machine in question and set BOClean so that if malware is found, it will be quietly killed and removed without any indication to the end user that malware had been found and eliminated.

So theoretical it is possible that BOClean removes for example a Legitimate Windows file :o And I don’t think the System Admin on your school will be happy if that happens 88)

Greetz, Red.

Hm true… So we’ve ran into a problem with just hiding it :frowning: