BoClean memory usage?

I got a suprise this morning when a screen jumped up and advised me to download the new version of Comodo BoClean which was a bit of a shock as I didn’t know that the program had changed hands.Anyway previously BoClean used about 3,500kb of memory,since removing the old version and installing 4.25 it now uses 20,000kb of memory.I wasn’t all that impressed with Comodo’s Firewall product and removed it after a trial run,I hope this isn’t going the same way with BoClean as I already notice that it hangs up when downloading updates .Also I find that the support process is like a sea of mud like some other bigger software companies.

Hi strobe,
What was your question?

Why do you think the new version is using more recources?It’s not my system as it was using the older version with a lot less memory.

Strange my BOClean 4.25 shows 14,308kb in Task Manager. ???

On mine: BOC425.EXE shows 14.076 kb of memory usage and BOCore.exe shows 1.188 kb

Strobe did you uninstall the previous version?

Mine’s at 11M and 1.1M for boc425 & bocore, respectively.

Seems like maybe yours is an abnormality, strobe. Have you checked for residue left from the previous version? I installed 4.25 on 3 machines today, and on one (all followed same procedure) 4.24 didn’t quite go away - I had the startup entry, boc424.exe, and registry file left. One person has also noted here that after uninstalling bocore was still left for some unknown reason.


Mine is at 12.4M and 1.0M

Greetz, Red.

Hi folks! Sorry for the wait. Trying to get a new program out and available in less than 48 hours was quite the challenge and exhausting to all of us on this side of the world. We DID add an additional 2 megs of allocated memory to BOClean in numerous functions in order to ensure that the problem my team discovered can NEVER happen again, but 2 megs is all we added in total across the board. So I’m at quite a loss to explain where those numbers are coming from but will look into it once I have a chance. We wanted to ensure that there’s plenty of room owing to the reality that the amount of malware out there is mushrooming SO intensely that we’re averaging 100 new nasties each and every day added to the database. Wanted to be sure we’d have enough room to last a good long while.

If it’s any comfort, whatever number you’re seeing, it won’t be going up any higher as the database grows.

22840 + 1204 on my PC. This is a lot higher than previous versions. I noticed the growth after 4.22, which ran closer to 10-12 meg.

Sorry for the wait again … wanted to try it on all the machines I had available (about 25) and all of them are the same - 12200 and 1204. And 4.22 was down around 8 or less therefore, there’s something squirrely going on there. Given that you’re less than 24400, can’t be two instances - they’d show in the program list. What are you using for other security software? That “memory count” isn’t quite fair in that it counts OTHER DLL’s (mostly system) and other loaded objects and counts the same one in each program which loads it. Actual memory usage of 4.25 is really about 6 not including those other files. I suspect given the large size you see that perhaps an antivirus or other “protection” thing is doing that … but BOClean 4.25 did add 2 megs to the earlier versions and that’s all. And it won’t increase as time goes on.

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Difference between yours and mine is that there’s no firewall, no AV and no “specialized drivers” such as NVidia control panel, game drivers and such. The “memory” listing you see in there is not just the program - it’s all of the other “loads into all programs” libraries as well for that number of total. In an actual memory monitor, BOClean weighs in pretty solidly at 7202 all by its lonesome. In the task manager and perfmon though, everything that’s loaded up including the executable gets totalled up. The additional “mystery 10 megs” is something else …

I uninstalled BOClean and removed all the registry entries except the three related to the Kernel .I couldn’t remove them after trying in safe mode also.I reinstalled BOClean and my memory is still above 20,00kb although BoCore is low at 950kb.

on my computer, BOC 4.24/4.25 uses about 12,000 KB of memory… i don’t rememeber what amount of memory BOC 4.22 used, but i don’t think that 12,000 KB is unreasonably…

i noticed that, sometimes, BOC 4.24 was using more CPU that i used to see with the old BOC 4.22, though, most of the time, BOC 4.24 ran at about 6% CPU when it cycled, sometimes fluctuating up to 8%, and sometimes up to 11%… i can’t comment on BOC 4.25 since i just installed it…

(for me, it seemed like, with “prosecurity” installed, BOC would use 11% CPU when it cycled, at least that was what i would see in “task manager”)…

Mine uses 23% processor but it’s only a blip; so no worries from me. :slight_smile:

Hi Kevin

Have installed latest version 4.25 and have been following memory usage thread in the forum. I have uninstalled /reinstalled twice with no remnants of BoClean left in the registry and on this computer.

In task manager memory usage for BOC425.exe is 22,808K and
there is no reference of BoCore.exe as was the case in previous versions.

Your help/advice would be appreciated.


Can you pull up your System Information module (Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Information) to see if “bocdrive” is listed under Software Environment/System Drivers ?

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thanks for your response.

No “bocdrive” in Software Environment/System Drivers.


On the BOCORE/Bocdrive thing, a reboot should bring that up. While we don’t force a reboot, those won’t start until you have done so. Given that you also have that quirky memory amount, there’s definitely signs of some other “security program” doing some interference with the install there. Since I’ve not seen this happen before though, I’ll need to have an idea of what you’re running since I don’t have a handy answer on that for ya …

BOClean 4.24 ran fine on my XP2 system. No problems. 4.25 intermittently hangs my system up with CPU usage of 99%, usually when I start a new program. I have to open task manager and terminate BOC425.exe. I don’t see any remnants of 4.24 remaining. Using the program is more trouble than it is worth at this point, hopefully a future version will work better for me.