BoClean marked as Suspicious Attempt in D+[RESOLVED]

There has been five attempts already and each one was “Access Memory”. I have not tried uninstalling BoClean and reinstalling it to see if it works : /,

But I’ve already marked it as a Trusted Application so I won’t get any prompts from BoClean.

Thing is that the Suspicious Attempts always occur a few seconds after the login screen has passed.

: /


Is there a rule that said no bumping? (:NRD)

Just add BOClean files in the D+ Computer Security Policy, And make them trusted.


Hi drrag,
the trick is to set the BoClean executables in the exclusion list for Comodo Internet Security.Defence+ will not allow anything to access it unless it is told it`s ok.

1—>From the main interface choose Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy

2—>Now highlight the entry for COMODO Internet Security(or it could be shown as Comodo Firewall Pro,depending on which version) and click on “Edit”

3—>In the new window click on “Protection settings” and then on “Modify” next to “Interprocess memory accesses”

4—>Click on “Add” and from the drop-down “Running processes”/Double click on the two BoClean processes/.exe`s listed(They should appear at the bottom of the exceptions window)

5—>APPLY to close all windows


[font=tahoma]Thanks Matty for the detailed instructions :D. I did that, and I’ll see how it goes on the next reboot.
Odd, this never happened in v.3.0.

And I only saw one BoClean process, not two : /

You should have:


[font=tahoma]Thats a bit odd, because when I went to modify “Interprocess memory access” there was only one BoClean and that was BOC427. : /

Edit: BoClean is no longer marked as “Suspicious”. Thanks.