BOClean lacking some Spyware definitions

I recently put BOClean to the test and tested it with 7 different spyware programs and surprisingly only 1 was detected. I also quickly tested the new CAVS and that wasn’t any better. Why is BOClean lacking detection for these very common spyware programs like Spyware Sheriff, Antivirus Gold, PAL Spyware Remover and others?

I tested BOClean with a bunch of keyloggers and it did very well. Just wondered why BOClean isn’t detecting this spyware?

Comodo Boclean is only supposed to detect and block trojans.

Several, if not all, of those include a triojan downloader…

And you should submit these to: malwaresubmit [ at ]

In fact I hope to deal with a SpySherriff (Zlob) infection later today… If so I will have the infected user submit the requisite files…