BOClean kills the Naomi Internet Filter

I have recently begun using the Comodo Security Tools on my computers. BOClean is a much needed real time program and I love being able to use it. Yesterday however, I was working with a customer who has teenage children & was concerned about them accessing adult and risky social sites.
There is a free internet filtering program available called “Naomi”, and I was helping her to install that on her pc. I had already helped her to install BOClean which was active on her system at the time.
When we attempted to install the Naomi filter, BOClean killed it completely, and the only way to install the filter was to remove BOClean and start over. I did send the files to be checked as false positives, but wanted to let people know that this is a conflict, and not to use these two programs together at this point. When BOClean killed the Naomi install, we were unable to create the necessary password for the filter to even allow its removal. I have used the Naomi filter on alot of pcs in homes where there are teenagers with excellent results.
I will add a post when the false positive results come back in case anyone else is interested. And if anyone has more information or experience with this issue, I would appreciate the help. (I did add
the filter to the “Excluded” list in BOClean to no avail.)

This is where it’s a good idea to install in SafeMode or at least completely disable all active security applications prior to installing new software.

My guess from what I’ve seen happen before, is that Naomi was packed with the same tools/code as commonly used for malware; thus it is tagged. It is also possible that there is a history with Naomi’s developers wherein their code is considered suspect, and thus it is tagged. Then again, it could also just be an “oops!”

When BOC pops on it, it shuts down the running .exe, and gives the option for the entire application to be removed. At any time you do not want BOC tagging your application, you can open BOC’s Excluder window and drag & drop the application icon (from Start/All Programs, for instance) into it.

I’m glad you sent the files in to Comodo for analysis as possible false-positives, and posted here for other users’ benefit.