BOClean is not responding

I clicked on the boclean icon and brought up the menu. It was last updated today @ 13:11:45 (last update - utc 2008-05-31).

I clicked on the icon for the list and it changed to writing list and then stopped responding. I can’t seem to close the menu and I also accessed the task manager to see about ending it there but it isn’t even listed.

Any ideas why this is happening??? ???


Hi lnjr :slight_smile:

BOClean uses Notepad to write a list of Covered Malware. And because it curently is 56524 items long it takes some time. So I don’t think you have to worry.

If you want to see what Malware BOClean covers, better look here :

That is much faster :wink:

Greetz, Red.

thanks for the info. It seems to have resolved itself about 15 minutes after I posted this (just before I wanted to shut down) I just never had the little menu box state that it was not responding before.
Thanks Again!!!

one tip for the next time if Boclean fails to work uninstall it and clean your register and then re-installed it then it will work just fine i am on this moment fully experiencing with different pc’s to see what sometimes is happening and how to resolve i share mine opinions trough this form and with Comodo

BOclean didn’t fail to work, that is not the case here. This is just a matter of how long is the malware list, and how fast is your system :wink:

Greetz, Red.