BOClean Integration

When BOClean is integrated into CIS, will the configuration options from the current version remain?

I mean the options like:

Automatic cleanup of Hosts File
Automatic cleanup of winsock

etc etc

Thanks! :SMLR

I don’t have an exact answer, but this might help.

“A totally re-written memory Scanner based on BOClean technologies & signatures as well off course working with Comodo Antivirus Signatures & Engine. This will be fully integrated into Comodo Antivirus/Comodo Internet Security, The Memory Scanner will be extremely light.”

It may not be the exact same thing as BO Clean, but I’m far from sure of anything. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply .FaZio93.! :slight_smile:

That tells us the basics, but I was wondering if the advanced options - like the ones i mentioned - would be available when BOClean is integrated. The reason I ask this is because an automatic repair function like in the current version would be very handy for the less knowledgeable user, who, for example, after having a malware infection cleaned for them, is wondering why they can’t connect to the internet, or why their favourite site is blocked.

The reason - a damaged winsock or hosts file! There could be others of course, I just chose this as an example.
Having an automated cleanup would make it so much easier to fix these problems.

Just my 2 pennies (not cents, I’m english :P)

I understand. For now, the only thing we can do is wait patiently. :slight_smile: