BOClean Installation Problem

I have installed Comodo’s BOClean 4.25 eight tmes in 2 days only to unintall it, clean out the registry, check files and folders and delete them too. Take all the items for BOClean outo the desktop, reboot and delete thjem along with (2) folders that have Comodo on them and the folder for BOClean!! :-TD :-TD :-TD (:AGY)

I had the Comodo Firewall Pro installed and uninstalled that since I keep seeing BOClean ??? ??? This is the worst I have ever seen BOClean 4.25
Sometimes I get two icons but most of the time- none :THNK 88) :‘( :’(

Hi DarCLew3, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

First of all I want to tell you that I asked a Moderator to split your post off from the Topic you posted it in :wink:

You say that you have sometimes two BOClean icons in the taskbar, so it seems that something went wrong during installation, or you have two BOCleans running.

Open the task manager ( press ctrl-alt-del at the same time ) and look in the process list if there are two BOC425.exe processes running. If so stop them both, or else stop only the one process running. Close the task manager. Now deinstall BOClean ( If that can’t be done install BOClean and immediately deinstall it again ). Download a fresh copy frome here :

Reboot in Safe Mode ( choose the Account with Administrator Rights you normaly use ) and install BOClean. Reboot in Normal Mode and see if that helps you :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Hi, I thought I might as well ask this now as I have been posting in another section this evening anyway.

Now, my friend recommended to me BO Clean, and considering I was through with the AVGAS Trial I thought I’d rip that out and install the BOC instead.

I thought I had a screenshot of the exact error it generated but it appears as luck doesn’t have it, I aint got one LOL :slight_smile: Basically, the jist of it was, it was stalling thru install process to inform me that BOC or a previous version perhaps (?) of BOC was on my system already. Not true…Im the only user of this machine and I can say with 100% certainty that until the day I downloaded it, (the very latest version at the time) it was NOT on my machine at all. I fiddled and faffed but in the end had to just delete the exe file and forget about it.

Would very much like it installed, and am wondering what could be the cause of the installation of the s/w not succeeding?

many thanks, be interested to hear your views on this.
Kindest regards
Emms :wink:

Hi Kestrel13! :slight_smile:

Was the message : " Have you already uninstalled any previous versions of BOCleanor or is this your first time installing COMODO BOClean? " Maybe it is a bit confusing but you should click “Yes” to continue the installation :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

;D Hey there, I have been thru this rigmorole already and it didnt matter what I selected it just werent having it. I will download a fresh one and try it again tomorrow and post back with the results :-X


I have tried three times to installed BOClean each time I get a box coming up showing extracting files and a green installation bar at the bottom. When the green bar fills the program always freezes. How do I get beyond this and actually install the program I’m fed up with having to reboot because the installation refuses to be killed either with Ctr Alt Del or Task killer.

Many thanks for the help.



Hi Susan, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Maybe the installer is corrupt :-\ Download a fresh copy of BOClean and follow the instructions for your Operating System from here :

Greetz, Red.