Boclean in a VM

Hi all, I recently started mucking around with vmware server, and have installed xp into it, as well as boclean.

I then ran a dodgy file, which boclean jumped on (:)), and then asked me if I wanted to delete the file… I said no…

I then checked bocleans report, only to find it empty, and I couldn’t find the copy of the file that boclean was meant to keep. The configuration thingy is set to write reports, and keep copies as evidence.

I was basically wondering if boclean has any troubles running in a VM?

I’m not completely privy to all the details but I do know there are issues with BOC and VM.
I would guess the virtual memory environment isn’t the same as real time.

Thanks for the reply.
Boclean doesn’t seem to be able to either write reports, or keep copies of trojans in a VM.
No biggie :slight_smile: